HAKO-BU.net Privacy Policy

1. We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and are committed to compliance with all relevant privacy laws and regulations applied to personal information acquired by us.

2. To the extent necessary to operate our website, HAKO-BU.net (the Site), we may collect certain personal information from users of the Site (User(s)) in a lawful and fair manner as set out below.

(1) Information provided by Users.

We may require Users to provide information, including, but not limited to, User’s name, address, date of birth, gender, nationality, phone number, email address, and other relevant information, as well as the address and name of addressee for shipping products, depending on the services to be provided.
Unless otherwise specifically stipulated in the applicable laws and regulations, the purposes of collecting information include the following items, which are necessary for us to perform contracts with Users and provide services.

  • a. Performing sale and purchase contracts (e.g. receiving orders for products);
  • b. Making arrangements for shipping of products;
  • c. Registration and administration of members;
  • d. Contacting users and replying to inquiries;
  • e. Sending information or notification from HAKO-BU.net and vendors;
  • f. Conducting questionnaire surveys and sales campaigns;
  • g. Posting information submitted by Users; and
  • h. In addition to the foregoing, any purpose as specified upon collecting information.

(2) Automatically collected information.

When a User visits and views our website, HAKO-BU.net, like other websites, the following information relating to the User’s access history and terminal in use (Access Information) may be automatically collected via use of cookies and other identifiers.

  • IP address;
  • Type and version of the OS;
  • Type and version of the browser;
  • Webpages viewed by the User;
  • Last webpage visited right before, and the first webpage visited right after the applicable visit;
  • Searches conducted by the User;
  • Time spent on the Site;
  • Location information of the terminal used; and
  • Other information available from cookies.

In order to ensure our legitimate business interest, we will collect the Access Information as specified above for the purposes of:

  • a.improving services based on statistical analysis;
  • b.customizing User-friendly interface;
  • c.developing new services; and
  • d.displaying User interest-based advertising known as personalized advertisement.

(3) Other information

Subject to Users’ consent to third parties, we may receive certain Access Information collected and used by such third parties (e.g. database provider, marketing company, SNS, and personalized advertising company) to utilize it for statistical analysis or personalized advertising.

(4) Use of cookies

We will collect Access Information using cookies (i.e. files stored in terminal used when accessed to the website) so that Users’ can use our services in the most simple, efficacious, and appropriate manner as possible.

3. We will use personal information we acquire solely for the intended purposes specified at the time of collection on a need-to-know basis and will not process personal information except as required to accomplish such purposes.

4. We will take actions as set out below to properly administer personal information acquired from Users.

(1) Ensuring accuracy of information

We will use our best efforts to ensure that personal information is kept updated at all times;

(2) Security measures

We will keep personal information strictly confidential, and take every reasonable security measure to prevent and remedy unauthorized disclosure, loss, or damage of personal information. Should any problem occur, we will promptly deal with it. For organizational administration of personal information, we will establish any processing method as rigorous as possible in accordance with our internal policy to ensure proper processing pursuant to such policy and strict operation thereof.

(3) Supervision of processor of personal information

If we engage a third party to process personal information, we will conduct a thorough research on it, and conclude an applicable non-disclosure agreement to supervise it in an appropriate manner.

5. Unless otherwise stipulated in laws, we will not provide personal information except with Users’ express consent.

6. We will share Users’ personal information with third parties in accordance with the following requirements.

(1) Use for personalized advertising

In order to ensure effective advertising distribution, we will share Users’ Access Information with third parties when we use any personalized advertising service (which distributes Users’ interest-based advertising contents) provided by such third parties; and

(2) Information sharing between vendors and the Company

We will share Users’ personal information and other collected information with vendors, which is necessary to perform sales and purchase contracts of products, deliver the products, and improve our services. We will contractually require them to comply with relevant laws of Japan and other jurisdictions as applicable to processing of personal information and other collected information.

7. Upon request from a User for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use with respect to personal information, we will accommodate the request in accordance with defined method after we verify the User’s identity. For detailed procedures, please send inquiry to the following address.

8. We will comply with any and all privacy laws, and review our Privacy Policy from time to time to improve the same. In case of revision to our Privacy Policy, the revised Privacy Policy will be deemed announced and become effective when the same is displayed on the Site.


For questions or doubts about the processing of personal information by HAKO-BU.net, please contact:

Representative of HAKO-BU.net, Kousoku-offset Co., Ltd

[ADDRESS] Mainichi Shimbun Building 6F, 3-4-5, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, 5300001 JAPAN
[TEL] +81 06 6346 8815
[MAIL] contact@hako-bu.net
[URL] https://www.kousoku-offset.co.jp/

Last Updated:04/01/2021